Marie Docher présente MYX au CEPIC à Paris, le 7 juin 2019 à 16:30

The Challenge of Finding the Right Image

Conference on sourcing and licensing images in the 21st century – Quality v. Quantity –

Getting the right image at the right price.

The life of an image on the web: from its production to its diffusion.

This round table will feature picture buyers and picture sellers together with technology providers.

Moderator: Alexander Karst (CEO Bildbeschaffer)Round Table and Q&A: Antoine Kimmerlin (MYOP), Sergi Griño (CEPIC Board Member, CEO Album, Ardito), Magdalena Herrera (GEO France), Aurélie Lacouchie(Board member of ANI – Association Nationale des Iconographes), Sylvaine Lecoeur (Sales Director PixWay), Laurent Nuyen (Executive Creative Director, BABEL agency), Marie Docher (MYX)

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